Pachamama believes that parents are the most suitable primary educators of their children and that a partnership between Pachamama and parents is vital to successfully deliver early education and care. At Pachamama, the partnership approach ensures that positive relationships and communications are prioritized, and that Educators and parents consult together regularly.

Pachamama values and prioritises positive relationships: between Educators and children, between staff and families, and between each Educator. Communication processes are in place to promote these most important relationships. We also value play pedagogy and a child-centred approach to education and care, and strive to ensure that Pachamama is a place of love and laughter with a positive atmosphere. It is important that each child is understood and valued, and that the individuality of how each child learns and expresses their needs is known and acknowledged.

Pachamama understands the importance for its Educators to be caring, calm, friendly and empowering professionals acting as positive role models for young children. We acknowledge that our continuous self-improvement and professional development is of paramount importance.

Pachamama’s senior management are dedicated to ensuring that Pachamama is a well-resourced centre of early learning and development with quality and clean developmentally appropriate materials and toys, and a comfortable home-like atmosphere. We provide a thoughtful, imaginative and balanced environment where children feel a sense of belonging and are nurtured to learn and grow.

Pachamama supports a holistic approach to children’s educational development. Our educational leadership approach is centred on the child - and a strong knowledge and understanding of their development and learning processes.

The principle of continuous improvement and excellence is embedded within the Pachamama culture. This includes the ongoing development of a Quality Improvement Plan considering all areas of the service (such as relationships, service delivery, environment, management and staffing) and reflects input that is sought from all members of the Pachamama community.

Pachamama also believes that documentation of children’s development and learning processes is valuable because it contributes towards the children’s sense of belonging, the family’s understanding of their child’s development, and provides the Educator with an opportunity for reflection resulting in a more meaningful process.


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