Pachamama (155)

A small utopia

I must admit that I have I worked in a few other childcare services over the years.  But I have never seen a place like Pachamama!  Pachamama is surrounded by nature everywhere.  There are so many different types of flora and fauna.  It is calming and relaxing, while refreshing and invigorating at the same time.

The children at Pachamama love the fruit trees in the gardens.  They enjoy fruit picking from the fruit trees in both junior and seniors areas such as lily pilly trees, white and black mulberry trees, loquat trees, and ice cream bean tree as well!

Lemons growing at Pachamama Early Education and Childcare

Then they enjoy roleplaying in the mud kitchen where they add their ‘cooked’ fruit into their holistic play experiences.

Pachamama’s natural environment completely attracted me.  I regularly receive positive feedback from visitors and parents when they come and visit.  You will find out that Pachamama is kind of a ‘small utopia’ because you will discover different landscapes during each season.

Additionally, in our daily routine, children learn how to care for our environment.  For instance, we are watering the plants in the early morning with the children, guiding them how to show respect to the land, plants and environment around us.  The children learn so much more … just like they do when they garden with their parents and grandparents.

Moreover, we will hear the birds singing to welcome us to the day, and quendas visit us in the evening to bring the day to a close.

As a staff member, I feel so lucky to work at this lovely workplace because it provides a calm and relaxed environment of which the staff are highly appreciated!


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