Articles by Andrew White

Underlying every environment must be an inspiring philosophy

When people come to Pachamama, the one universal response is that they are genuinely surprised at how beautiful the environments are.  They invariably wonder about the creativity that led to the outcome. We have come to learn that the reason for the response is because Pachamama is so different to what parents and children usually experience in

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Jurassic Park at Pachamama

When building our Pachamama Activity Centre, one of the most surprising aspects was discovering there was an abundance of groundwater. The area was shady with large trees and overgrown, thick with weeds falling away to the southeast corner of the property.  When the property was purchased, it was a section that was overlooked … left to last

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Secret buddha moments

One of the great upsides of personally developing environments at Pachamama is the opportunity to engage with interesting and clever people who supply a diverse range of services and materials.  They have made the Herculean task of creating something incredible like Pachamama remotely possible.  Even better is the pleasure of becoming a regular face to these new

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