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Normal is not a word in Pachamama vocab

Pachamama’s vision is being a home away from home steeped in nature, creativity and diversity. When introducing a new resource into a Pachamama learning environment, consideration is given as to whether it is aligned with Pachamama’s vision.  Would it be suitable in a home, or is it more befitting of an institution?  Is it made from materials

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Environments: our touchstone and cornerstone

Pachamama Early Education and Childcare was established with the understanding that children deserve to spend their early years in an environment that inspires creativity and learning, while being immersed in a genuine acceptance of diversity. We understand that most children spend their years of formal education in institutional-like environments.   Pachamama was founded on a commitment that

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Learning Environments Inspire

Pachamama is a home-away-from-home steeped in nature, creativity and diversity. Since inception in 2012 in the Perth Hills of Western Australia, Pachamama has been dedicated to creating extraordinary learning environments that inspire children to connect with nature, each other and themselves. Our philosophy has organically developed to focus first and foremost on our physical environments.

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