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Beyond relationships and dreaming in Italy

A long time ago when I was still wondering what my dream career would be, I dreamt of a place like home where I could give the best I had to little children.  I was in Italy at the time, and the only option I had was to open a family day care which is not really a thing over there.  So I left my dream behind.

An art area at Pachamama Activity Centre where senior school-aged children can express their creativity.

When I moved to Australia in 2018, I started to realise that dreams could easily come true if you deeply believe in your inner potential.  I started working with children, reinforcing my idea that whoever has some young human in their care, they should will to make them feel safe and loved all the times.

With this belief stuck in my head, I developed my personal philosophy as an early childhood educator … to find out later that Pachamama and I embedded the same vision.

I imagined walks into the bush, treasure hunts, butterflies and rainbows that leave children breathless and lost in the beauty of nature.  I hoped for a place where children were valued, and their ideas listened to.

I found this place in the heart of the hills, where the red dirt meets the green of the gumtrees and the blue of the Australian sky.

Pachamama is a ‘home away from home’ and my mission as an educator is to create an environment where children and families feel welcome all the time, establishing relationships that go above and beyond.

Children to me are the most resilient, perseverant, and capable learners of humanity.  I admire their innate willpower and how they keep attempting to master a skill since being a baby.

At Pachamama, we make this happen!

The bond I create with each child is paramount and is aimed to make bloom each unique identity, while raising smiles on their faces.

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