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Cosy nook promotes reading

Growing up with a love of reading and getting excited to cosy up with a new book sent from my nana was always a great joy. Books are magic experiences that can transport you away into another time, place or expand your knowledge and imagination.

When I first set eyes on our children’s book nook area, I knew it was a special place. Flanked on one end is the heaviest teak bookcase you will ever find.  It took four men to move it into place.

The entry on the opposite wall features two beautiful antique teak swinging doors.  They were donated in a state of disrepair with paint peeling from water damage.  It was lovingly restored and waxed. The polished copper bars give a faux feeling of privacy allowing supervision.  An Indian iron window is inset into the wall also for supervision purposes, looking more like a work of art that inspires creativity.

One of our beautiful stained glass lamps lights up the space spreading colour and bright cheer to lift the spirit. This adds to the home away from home feeling.

Cosy, comfortable and a great place to read, the book nook at Pachamama is a special place that parents, educators and children alike often explore. It’s great for breastfeeding mothers allowing quality time with their child away from a busy infants room. Educators are often found chilling out on the leather couch during their breaks. I have seen many children relaxing with friends or alone with a book.

When I am conducting introductory tours, new families are delighted by this area and are grateful their children can relax after a busy day at school.  Many comments involve what an ‘amazing place’ it is and how the parents would be very grateful to spend time in the room themselves.

The benefits of reading are numerous for children, including improved academic achievements, empathy, social skills and more frequent interactions.

Pachamama promotes reading in many ways including in groups and alone quietly.  The book nook area is fundamental to Pachamama’s promotion of reading.  The ten benefits of reading are –

  • exercises the brain
  • improves literacy
  • improves sleep
  • increases general knowledge
  • reading is motivational
  • reduces stress
  • free entertainment
  • improves concentration and the ability to focus
  • reading teaches empathy
  • reading sets positive example to others and is key component to literacy development

At Pachamama, reading is encouraged through providing environments that support children’s learning and development.  The Belonging, Being and Becoming document in the Early Learning Frameworks states in Outcome 5 that, “Children will view and listen to printed, visual and multimedia text and respond with relevant gestures, actions, comments and/or questions, explore texts from a range of different perspectives and begin to analyse the meanings.”

The My Time, Our Place document for school age children states that, “Physical learning environments will promote children’s creativity, imagination, curiosity, learning and development.”

At Pachamama, we believe our environment is fundamental to delivering high quality learning outcomes.  It influences every aspect of everything we do.  Our exquisite reading nook area is no exception!

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