Orientation Session

Following enrolment at Pachamama Early Education and Childcare, parents are encouraged to join their child at the centre for an orientation session at least one week prior to their first day. 

Attending a childcare centre for the first time can often be can be an anxious experience for a child (as well as a parent), and an orientation session is an important path of transition to minimise any stress that may be involved.

Scheduling an orientation session needs to be made in advance with Pachamama’s Centre Manager.  During a child’s orientation, due to regulatory requirements, it will be necessary for a parent to remain on premises.

Immunisation Records

For the purpose of managing the health and safety of our children and Educators, it is necessary that an up-to-date copy of all children’s official immunisation records be supplied during enrolment and regularly maintained.  Parents are required to provide Pachamama with a record of any updates when their children undertake further immunisations during their time with us.

We respect the choice not to immunize but, for the child’s safety, on the occasion that an outbreak of certain infectious diseases occur, children that are not immunised against these diseases will be excluded from attendance at the centre for pre-determined timeframes. 

Please be advised that parents and guardians can only qualify for government benefits to support their child care costs if their child’s immunizations are up-to-date.


Pachamama provides all food served to children while they are at the Centre.  The weekly menu, designed by our Qualified Food Co-ordinator to be nutritious and tasty, is displayed on our Information Board in the foyer.

Due to health and safety considerations of the many children attending Pachamama with food aleregies, only food purchased and prepared at the centre will be provided to children.  Families are not allowed to bring food of any nature into the centre.  (This does not apply to babies enjoying bottles with breast milk or infant formula).

Children with health-dependent dietary requirements will be catered for.  It is vitally important that parents fully advise Pachamama of their children’s special needs on their Enrolment Form and keep our Centre Manager up-to-date in writing as your child grows and their needs change.

Rest Time

Rest time is very important for young children to grow and participate fully in the activities at Pachamama.  Our daily rest time is scheduled for 12:00 - 1:30pm.
Older kindy children or school-aged children are encouraged to participate in rest time.  If they developed to the stage where this rest period is not needed, they can relax on beanbags and undertake quiet activities such as reading books or playing educational games on an iPad.

Pachamama’s Daily Routine

We have a general daily routine that can vary according to special activities that may be planned by our Room Leaders.

6:30am Centre opens with quiet activities in the Nursery room
7:00am Breakfast (finishes at 7:30am)
7:45am Children escorted to their respective rooms for free play
8:30am Matt session with Educators, followed by washing hands
9:00am Morning snack
9:30am Outdoor play (weather permitting) or indoor activities
10:30am Nappies are changed
10:45am Mat session with Educators, followed by washing hands
11:00am Lunch
12:00pm Rest time
1:30pm Nappies are changed, followed by quiet activities and washing hands
2:30pm Afternoon tea
3:00pm Outdoor play (weather permitting) or indoor activities
4:30pm Nappies are changed, children prepared for home
5:00pm Quiet activities with other age groups (subject to age variance)
5:30pm Late snack
6:30pm Centre closes

The daily routine is only a guide and is flexible according to the children’s needs and weather.

Health and Safety

Our priority at Pachamama is, first and foremost, the health and safety of all children and Educators. We know that children (especially young children) are sometimes ill and can be very susceptible to infections and germs.

Children with an illness should be kept home.   This is especially important if their illness is one that can be transferred to other children or Educators, potentially creating an outbreak.   We actively manage transferrable diseases.  In the case of an outbreak, should your child show visable symptoms potentially reflecting a the illness of concern, you will be asked to obain a doctor's certificate.  While we make every attempt to minimise this significant inconvenience, but it is occassionally necessary for the safety of both your child and those of othes.   Should your child be fortunate and be certified as being clear of the illness, they are most welcome to return for care immediately.

If your child becomes unwell at the centre, you will be notified by staff and asked to take your child home.  In some circumstances, your child may only be able to return to the service with the presentation of a doctor’s certificate.  If you have any concerns, please speak to the Room Leader, Centre Manager or 2IC.  We strictly manage Pachamama based on the guidelines outlined in Staying Healthy in Childcare (4th edition) written by the National Health and Medical Research Council. 


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