School visits build confidence for formal schooling

We embrace nature at its best in our daily routines, interactions and learning at Pachamama.  We also put love and pride into our connections.

We focus on relationships between children,  educators,  families, environments and our community.  Each relationship is as important as the next.

In our kindy room, we develop strong relationships with our community through our School Visits Program.  Developed for our children transitioning from Pachamama to the formal school environment, the program introduces a child to their future classroom and teacher.  The relationship is developed over multiple visits of around 90 minutes each.

There are nine primary schools across the Perth Hills community.  Each year, Pachamama has around 50 children transitioning to formal education.  Keeping this in mind, our School Visits Program presents many logistical challenges.

Saying that, this valuable initiative has been operating since 2018 and we hope it will continue well into the future.

Many working parents can’t take their child to attend their formal school orientation day.  Pachamama’s School Visits Program more than makes up for this.  We make sure no child misses out on exploring their new learning environments.  They will establish a relationships with their new teacher and build their confidence to embark on the next step of their educational journey.

Parent’s gratitude for this valuable Pachamama program is evident in the feedback we received from families expressing their appreciation and pure excitement for their child’s experiences at their new school.

The children’s faces say it all!  When we go on our school visits, their excitement cannot be contained when they hop on to the “big Pachamama bus,” and go off on their adventure.  It is extra special for them knowing they have the safety of me, their Pachamama teacher, by their side to hold their hand.

This program allows us to support each child in their transition to formal schooling.  It helps build their confidence and excitement for the next stage of their learning journey.

As their teacher at Pachamama, this is a special program for me too.  I feel honoured to be able to share this experience the children, their families and my colleagues.

New starts can be a scary time.  Our School Visits Program has been amazing because it demonstrates positive benefits for all involved.

The teachers in the local primary schools happily invite each student into their classroom to observe.  Of course, they are also excited to meet their new students and value the opportunity to begin building relationships early.

This year I have the privilege of my own son participating in our School Visits Program. I know he will greatly benefit from these visits as have all the past children.

Our School Visits Program is a very special and unique program that has provided only positive experiences for the children, families and educators.  I look forward to being able to continue this for many years to come and support many more of our wonderful families as they start their new adventures in the formal schooling environments.

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