‘Quality Project’ summary from Child Australia

Pachamama recently commissioned Child Australia to complete a ‘Quality Project’ on our Pachamama Activity Centre attended by school-aged children and infants.

A Professional Practice Consultant with Child Australia, Connie Borg, visited Pachamama in March 2023.

Over a four hour period, she focussed her attention on observing interactions with children and transitions, engaging with educators and children seeking information about the program, and assessing the ‘overall feel’ of the service.  This process, although influenced by Pachamama’s current Assessment and Rating process, was not a ‘mock’ assessment and rating session but rather formed part of Pachamama’s  self-assessment process through the provision of a written report summarising observations for reflection.

This exercise was very helpful for Pachamama!  We thank Child Australia for their contribution to our self-assessment process and for the insights and encouragement provided.  Connie’s feedback to Pachamama was heart-warming, constructive, and enlightening.  It provided Pachamama with ideas for further reflection and improvement.  Following her time with Pachamama, she offered the below contribution to Pachamamaity.


Oh to be a school-aged child who has the opportunity to be a part of the Pachamama family.  There are so many lovely things for the children to do both inside and outside that provide challenge, stimulate curiosity, and allow for individuality and group work while nurturing a love and respect of nature.

Pachamama’s fire ball sculpture for children to toast s’mores in the cooler winter months for a special treat.

The Pachamama environment oozes the essence of intentionality, which is crucial for children’s learning.

The educators speak with children respectfully, and genuinely care for and show interest in the children.  The children, in turn, show respect and consideration for each other and the educators.  

The children spoke highly of the program and explained that sometimes they just don’t want to go home!

Boorda noonook djinanginy (See you later). 

written by Connie Borg, Professional Practice Consultant, Child Australia

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