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The iconic mojo!

Choosing one unique element of Pachamama that brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face is nearly impossible.  I’ve thought about it.  I can’t do it.

So… I chose Pachamama as a whole. Such happiness and togetherness. The warm and fuzzy feeling of Pachamama as a whole.

It’s the vibe.  It’s Pachamama.  It’s the Mojo.  That’s what it is.  The Mojo!

I have been a local resident in Lesmurdie for 18 years, long before Pachamama was born in 2012.  There’s always a change in feeling as you drive up the hill away from Perth city.  You enter a world with a different pace. We have such a lovely lifestyle up here in the Perth Hills.  It’s community-based and friendly.

Dobbie the horse keeps watch amongst the nature at Pachamama.

The many faces of business have sadly come and gone over the years in the hills. But Pachamama just fits in.  Its different too, just like the hills.

This is clearly evident when surprised visitors from down the hill, travelers from overseas and families alike head up this way for a drive and a sticky beak.  They discover a place in Pachamama like no where else they’ve seen.

They take time to stop in the car park, hop out to gaze in wonder at the unique Martin Jaine sculptures, and pay compliment to the amazing outdoor environments. They seem to take time to adjust to accepting what they are actually seeing.  It seems rather magical and surreal at first.

So much love and passion has been placed into Pachamama and it is truly a wonderful example of ‘hills living’ at its best.

Pachamama encompasses that ‘home away from home’ feeling that will get you singing ‘Give me a home amongst the gum trees.‘  The carefully constructed playgrounds using natural elements give a feeling of being back-to-nature.  That simpler, holistic way of life.  Isn’t that what we are all looking for eventually?

Going out into the community proudly wearing my work uniform emblazoned with the highly recognisable Pachamama logo invariably gets someone’s attention.  It’s always with pride that I share about our great environments Pachamama gives our children and the fantastic staff I work with.

I hear the children speak with pride at the schools of the amazing environment we have and the wonderful adventures they get up to after school.

From the incredible sculptures to the endearing animals.  From the beautifully crafted environments to the dedicated staff.  Pachamama has been created in such a way that you feel like you have become a part of the family.

The warm and welcoming environments never fail to give people that ‘WOW’ factor when they walk in the door.  Many just say “Can I live here?”

Ellie the elephant keeping company with the frogs and flamingos.

And that’s exactly what we love to hear.  Because the children feel the same way.

The environments in all the buildings have this way of just drawing you in.  Of brightening your day and filling you with a calmness that takes you through the rest of your day.  The back to nature gardens with such a beautiful array of plants that keep bursting with colour through all seasons.  They welcome native birds and animals, and support our local wildlife.

All these elements work together seamlessly to make Pachamama exactly what it is today.  It’s iconic in its own right.

And how does this all benefit the children with educational outcomes?  The fact that they want to be at Pachamama in such an incredible welcoming environment is the best start possible!  Happy children makes learning inevitable.

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