Pachamama (47)

The pure form of Pachamama beyond it’s environment

Walking into Pachamama for the first time, you are welcomed with a sense of peace from the natural environments.  Each space is perfectly articulated to create an atmosphere for learning, imagination and growth.

But, if you pay careful attention, you will be welcomed by a more pure form of Pachamama’s essence – and that is the children.  My biggest and warmest welcome came from those little smiles, helping hands, and gentle suggestions.

I have just joined the Pachamama team quite recently.  The Pachamama children have not only welcomed me, but they have also guided me throughout my training experience.

On my second day of work, the junior kindy children taught me how to plant strawberries.  It was my first time to do this, so I was carefully instructed.  I was shown where the gardening tools are kept, how to use them, and the best method of packing them away.  I was spoken to with respect and patience throughout the entire experience.  As the days past by, I was gradually trained on all avenues of Pachamama’s routines by both the staff and children

After a week of observing all the rooms throughout the centre, I have concluded that Pachamama’s children are simply extraordinary.  They are respectful, kind, patient, and very wise.  Thus, a true reflection of embedded practices.

The educators of Pachamama are dedicated to their work and are clearly exceeding expectations.  I have observed this through their embodiment of the philosophy and values that belong to the Pachamama family.

There is evidence of synchronicity between service excellence and individual practices.  Each room is a shining star that reflects attention to detail, resources for holistic growth, and a diversity of culture.  I have witnesses routines flow effortlessly because of help from both the educators and children.  It is the unity between the children and their environments that have resulted in their confidence.

My welcome into Pachamama has been both a pleasurable and enlightening experience.  I look forward to many years of growth within the family.

The little smiles and hands of Pachamama’s extraordinary children.
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