Pachamama (143)

The sounds of Pachamama

I started working at Pachamama in 2019 as an educator.  As a retired business person living only a hundred metres down the road from Pachamama, I thought it would be wonderful to engage with my community and help teach the children.

These were special years for me learning a new vocation and interacting with the children.  They are always so curious and never ceased to surprise me with the level of their engagements.

A few years later though, I decided that it was time for me to slow down and spend some quality time with my grandchildren. Management, however, seemed to have other plans and talked me into working a few hours a week tending to the wonderful environments and gardens.

I agreed and, to this day, believe that it was the best decision!  Pachamama has such beautiful gardens to work in and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Natural springs traverse the play environment and flow into a nature pond area that feeds into Crystal Brook.

It is a calming and relaxing place to work, especially in Springtime.  There is something spiritual about Pachamama.  I love hearing the songs of the birds and the sounds of the running water from the streams as it winds around the rocks into waterfalls.

Its so nice that I am still able to interact with the children while working in the garden.  They will often follow me around asking questions about the plants, and I am always happy to answer them.  We have interactive relationships and they often help me.

I especially love working in the nature pond area.  Whenever I see the Paperbark tree, it takes me back to my childhood on the farm where I was always surrounded by Paperbark trees.

Pachamama is my happy place.  I know my most fondest memories will be the sounds of the water and the children.

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