Nature for the mind, body, and soul

I am a country girl at heart and it was a breath of fresh air for me when I came to work at Pachamama.  I grew up on a farm in Kojonup, Western Australia.  So wide open spaces filled with nature are in my bones.

Connecting with this nature is so important for the mind, body and soul.  It brings our hearts back to centre and reminds us about what is important in life.  Nature and people … these are the most important things to me.

There are many many benefits to exploring the outdoors.  Using nature to teach young children is so enjoyable.  Colours, shapes, textures, smells.  There are all sorts at Pachamama.  We love to share this joy with our children.

You’ll often find me in the gardens during my lunch break tending to our fruit trees, gardenia bushes and poppy flowers.

One of my favourite things to do it to teach children how to grow and care for vegetables and herbs.  We grow herbs and bring our produce to the Pachamama Food Coordinator for her to incorporate into our own food.  The children love doing this!

We also hunt for bugs in our garden, sharing this with the children and teaching them to appreciate all creatures great and small.


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